We Are BookMelon. Nice To Meet You.

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By BookMelon Staff Writers

We are a brand new site obsessed with nonfiction. Not too long ago a group of friends gathered around a table in the mountains of Colorado, ate far too many sweet baked goods and talked about our latest book in our nonfiction book club. A deep thinker in the group talked about how much these books had changed his life and had real benefits to him personally. After more baked goods we came up with the idea of a site dedicated to nonfiction lovers just like us.

Why do this?

  • Some of us are writers. We know how hard it is, no matter how good the book, to get that book in the hands of those who would love it them most. So we created a way for nonfiction readers (no matter the category) to get introduced to free (and nearly free) books from amazing authors and publishers.
  • We curate books too make sure that our book club absolutely loves them before sending them to you the reader.
  • We genuinely believe that personal growth happens through reading, and for us nonfiction learning never stops.

To help you get started:

  • How can I get free nonfiction books? We’ve made it really really easy. Just pick your favorite category, book format and platform and sign up for free here.
  • What happens next? Unlike some sites (we really really hate getting bombarded with emails everyday) we take it easy. We only send you a few messages per month with our absolute favorite nonfiction books you can pick from in your chosen category.
  • We are growing fast and love feedback. If you have any suggestions please email us at info@bookmelon.com. We especially love to hear form nonfiction book lovers that start with “Wouldn’t it be awesome if…”.

Thanks for joining our crew on this new adventure. We are truly so glad you’re here. Have nonfiction book loving friends? Spread the word about BookMelon and the good vibes will return 10 fold!💚📚