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The Abundant Entrepreneur by Jarrod Musick

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If the wealth built by an entrepreneur isn’t empowering the life they want, they’re doing it wrong. True happiness is about spending time with the people who matter most, doing work they find to be meaningful, and being part of things bigger than themselves. Things that being an entrepreneur allows them to pursue better than anyone else, all while building enduring personal wealth for their family. Money can help them buy back their time and enable the life they want but monetary wealth alone isn’t enough. In The Abundant Entrepreneur, Musick teaches entrepreneurs how to get clear about what makes them happiest, how to use their financial wealth to enable that life, and how to make sure that wealth never disappears.

Musick weaves stories built on a decade advising wealthy entrepreneurs and families into a heartfelt case for living the unique life entrepreneurs want and presents a clear guide on how to get it. This is an essential work for entrepreneurs who want to elevate the life they live for themselves and their family.

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