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Next Level Nonfiction Book Marketing

BookMelon offers nonfiction authors and publishers an easy way to reach new readers in the BookMelon community with book promotions, advertising and giveaways. Quite simply, we help you rise above the noise with highly targeted book promotions. We have a community of readers ready and waiting to discover your incredible book. Let’s work together to make that happen. No matter where you are on the marketing timeline, we can help.



A successful book launch is all about momentum. Our book promotions can help your book reach bestseller status during launch week. It’s all about timing and buzz!



Launch week can be the most critical time for your book. Our book promotions can boost books on bestseller lists, and page one search results for important keywords.


Existing Book

Are sales and reviews slow? Give a jolt to your already existing book. Push new sales, gain new fans and boost reviews.



Our promoted authors see increases sales on follow up books. Why? Because they have gained valuable fans through book promotions.

Find out more about how we can help promote your book below… Questions? Email us anytime at info@bookmelon.com.

Please note book promotion results and downloads are not guaranteed. We do not offer refunds at this time. Our average engagement per promotion is just that, an average and individual results may vary.

Get More Reviews

With every BookMelon promotion watch the reviews roll in! Reviews are key to longterm sales growth.

Make Best Seller Lists

With our sales boost authors regularly see best seller lists on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and Apple.

Instant Book Sales

When we promote your book watch book sales roll in. Your promotion will more than pay for itself!

Page One Ranking

Jump to the top of search results for your books category on popular book sites like Amazon, Kobo, Apple and GoodReads with the power of a BookMelon promotion.

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Reach Community Of Nonfiction Readers

Simply writing/publishing a good book is not enough to actually sell books or gain any attention from readers. There are simply too many books published each and every day. So it’s our job to help you rise above all that noise. Book sales are all about momentum. We have nonfiction readers hungry for your book in your exact nonfiction category. Get your book into their hands and watch the book marketing magic happen.

Get More Reviews

With your book in the hands of thankful readers, we have seen reviews pour in by the hundreds. Out authors have made best seller lists on Amazon, Kobo, GoodReads an other book platforms. Savvy book marketers know that a solid review is book promotion gold and hundreds of reviews can be the difference between a dud and a best seller.

Boost Search Rankings

Amazon, Kobo, Google and other ranking algorithms are always changing but one thing is certain, a combination of downloads, sales, word of mouth and reviews will boost your ranking on Amazon and other popular book sales sites which leads to more sales.

Reach Quality Readers

BookMelon specializes in one genre, nonfiction. This allows us to segment to the exact target audience you are looking for as a publisher/author of a nonfiction work. Not all book promotion requests are accepted. Why? We keep our readers happy which means our readers actually open our emails and trust us when we say this book is worth your time. Our open rates, click rates and most importantly read rates are the highest in the industry. Learn more about our book deal submission criteria here.

You Have Options

✔︎Available platforms include Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, Apple and even publisher/author site direct download or ship.
✔︎You can promote print books, ebooks and audiobooks.
✔︎Run book giveaways, free book downloads, and any price book promotions.

You have a great book. Let’s get it in the hands of readers.

Reviews From Authors & Publishers

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Natsuho Carter

Director of Digital Strategy, Big Book Launch

“We represent hundreds of published authors and are charged with getting books out to readers and producing sales. BookMelon is my go to for all book launches.”

Patricia Russell

New Author

“I fulfilled a lifelong dream of finishing my first book. I had no idea where to start to get my book out there and read. BookMelon was a great way for me to do that. I can’t believe how many people have read it and now I have time to write the next one.”

Gabriel Schirm

Bestselling Author, PPC Guru and Founder of online marketing agency Paz Click Media

“I’m a professional internet marketer which means I split test everything to find the best ROAS (return on ad spend) for any marketing dollar spent. As a new author I was looking for ways to get my book into as many new readers hands as possible with the goal of increasing reviews (Amazon rank strategy), increasing word of mouth and ultimately getting more book sales. BookMelon has by far been the best marketing spend I’ve found online!”

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Chris Gordon

Author and Entrepreneur

“BookMelon has allowed me to grow at warp speed. It’s an incredible feeling to watch thousands of people download your baby (your book) in a single day.”

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