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Freedom From Failure: A 10-step guide to actionably transform painful setbacks into life-defining triumphs – by Desmond Devenish


To avoid the hurt from life’s failures, we end up allowing in more pain by downsizing our beliefs. You know that you can climb that impossible mountain, yet deny it out of conditioned fear. To rise to the summit means letting go of dead weight, and reprogramming with relentless courage.

In 10 actionable steps, you will confront false narratives and strip away useless mindsets. If you want to defeat procrastination and choose personal power, this is where it starts.

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Increase Your Leadership Impact: 6 Simple Strategies to Connect with God’s Wisdom, Make Tough Decisions, and Inspire Those Around You – by John Christopher Frame

Grab this short, easy-to-read book that walks you through simple tips to help you feel closer to God and grow in your ability to lead those around you. Includes mini chapters, prayers and action points.

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Acts of Achievers: 4 Simple Self Help Habits That Will Change Your Life And Help You Create Success Faster – by Ola Adisa

We know we are not where we want to be and have not achieved our dreams. Some of us think we don’t have what it takes and that achieving our goals is too daunting. We may have experienced painful failures in the past. Or maybe we think it’s not yet the time to make our move, so we delay taking any action. The rest of us may think in terms of luck. We feel we were not born with a silver spoon, have no opportunities around us, or are not endowed with any natural talent. The list goes on.

We all desire success, but knowing how to achieve it can sometimes be a mystery. You might worry you are on the wrong path. How do you know you are doing something that best suits you? Even when you know the required steps, you might struggle to take action. There has to be a better approach.

This book is for everyone who struggles with self-doubt issues. It will teach you the skills, outcomes, and practices that will lead to your ultimate goal of finding your direction in life in a way that makes sense and with which you can associate. It is not some rambling generalized do-it-yourself guide that leads nowhere.

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The Hoodnurse Chronicles: Delivering Care In A War Zone – by John Haynes, RN

Buckle up and go for a seriously wild ride into the depths of inner city Flint, Michigan where you’ll meet some of the the most loving and resilient souls that refuse to give up in the face of almost suffocating adversity. You will laugh out loud, you will gasp, you will smile inside your heart, and you will absolutely fall in love with the “murder mitten” town that America loves to hate.

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Apotheosis Now – by Yanhao Huang

A mind that is fragmented and sees the world in terms of what is me and not me, good and bad, will be caught in endless conflict. Because externally, we are always trying to control what is “not me,” and internally, we always get perplexed trying to figure out whether our actions came from our “higher” or “lower” self. As Albert Einstein said: “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” This book will help you to understand:

  • Why we have internal conflicts
  • How does our ego trap us in undesirable circumstances
  • How do our beliefs limit us
  • Why thought-based teachings (Law of Attraction), or self-improvement advice don’t work
  • How do we really get what we want
  • Why is happiness so rare for us
  • Who we are really
  • What is the nature of existence
  • What is the meaning of life
  • How do we know if there is a God
  • What is the process of spiritual enlightenment

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Love-Based Mission: How to Create a Business That Serves Your Soul – by Therese Skelly

Part of the highly acclaimed Love-Based Business series that has been featured on numerous media outlets including Forbes, CBS and NPR.

You’ve probably heard it before: Running a business is the very best way to fast-track your personal growth.

According to Therese Skelly, who is considered one of the top mentors to women in business, the entrepreneurial journey is also a spiritual path.

And becoming a love-based business owner will change your life!

Skelly has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs embrace their true calling and build a business that allows them to fully express their souls’ desire, and now she is sharing her proven methods in “Love-Based Mission.”

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Worship in the Wilderness: Let Praise Lead the Way (Christian Devotional Collaborations) – by Michael Lacey

We are called to worship at all times: on mountaintops, in the valleys, in the land of promise, and in the wilderness. For you, the wilderness may be a financial drought, or maybe physical, emotional, or spiritual. These seasons are not usually the direct result of sin but rather a God-ordained time for you to learn more about His character and will for your life.

You are not alone. People throughout the Bible have gone through wilderness seasons: Job, Elijah, Paul, and Jesus, many of whom were righteous and blameless. Yet they still showed us how to grow closer to God through it all.

And that’s what the Devo Writers in this collaboration hope to do.

You will be inspired by this month long, daily devotional from multiple best-selling authors and some new writers! Join these Devo Writers as they share personal stories what worship means to them. Imagine what it can mean for you to grow in your understanding of praise to God. 

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Who Cares? A Guided Self-Help & Devotional Journal for the Seasons of Life – by Dr. Melita J. Murray-Carney

It is no secret to anyone that our lives are riddled with ups and downs. Moments of great triumph happen alongside times of deep regret; people enter our lives and leave them; our lives feel full of purpose some days, and completely absent of it on others. When the time comes to face these roadblocks, how do we find the strength to carry on or the empowerment to believe in our goals and see them through? How do we summon the will to recover from heartache, self-doubt, and discouragement?
In Who Cares? A Guided Self-Help & Devotional Journal for the Seasons of Life, author Dr. Melita Murray-Carney seeks to help us find these answers for ourselves. Featuring guided discussion, daily affirmations, and insight on a wide range of topics from love and forgiveness to accountability and beyond, this book primarily functions as a journal through which you can examine your spiritual condition in all these areas. Whether you struggle with maintaining discipline, taking risks, recognizing your strengths, or anything else, this spiritual, inspirational, and psychological journal will help you to navigate successfully through life’s most challenging seasons and remind you that through it all, God is by your side.

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The Exceptional Life R-Evolution: A practical guide to reach peak performance and create exceptional experiences in our workplaces, homes, and communities – by Jessica Tietjen

What will you say when you look back on your life? Will you think, “I lived an exceptional life?” Or do you find yourself struggling to have exceptional work and life experiences?

Who doesn’t want to live an exceptional life, filled with exceptional work and life experiences? I know I want to be like my 90-year-old grandma who told me, with a smile and tears in her eyes, “I truly feel I lived an exceptional life.” My life’s purpose is to help people live their best life— an exceptional life—and this book is meant to help more people!

After reading this book, you will know how to create these exceptional work and life experiences so you can one day echo my grandma’s words. To do so, we must first understand why evolving our performance is needed to reach our peak performance and climb our personal performance mountain. Next, we need to apply the lessons learned from our experiences, especially during challenging times like those we faced in 2020. Then, we will follow the guide for reaching our peak performance using the four keys: expectations, feedback, development, and accountability. Finally, we will apply these keys to the roles we serve in our workplaces, homes, and communities.

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Naked with the Enneagram: A Powerfully Accurate Journey into Your Unique Personality Type. Advanced Personality Test Included – by Adriana Tenora

Ready to finally understand your inner self and discover what has been holding you back from your ideal life? Then keep reading… Do you often find yourself questioning why you act the way you do? Are you tired of making the same mistakes and falling into the same patterns, over and over again?

If you’ve been living your life without clarity on who you truly are, then you’ve been letting your subconscious mind run the show. And instead of taking control of the situations in your life, you’re merely reacting to the world around you. But what if you could transform the way you live your life and exist in the world, just by reflecting on your personal traits and motivations?

This is where the Enneagram comes in. Unlike other personality tests that limit and force you to conform to rigid types, the Enneagram will help you delve into the inner workings of your personality and develop a more nuanced approach to yourself and your life. With the Enneagram, you will identify the areas of life that are serving you, as well as the surprising traits that are actively affecting your relationships and experiences. And as you’re about to find out first-hand, once you develop this deeper level of awareness, you’ll also find it easier to understand the people around you and the motivation behind their actions.

BookMelon Staff Rating ✪✪✪✪✪ – “Incredible insight into YOU!”

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Wild Happy: Dreams, Crises, and Acceptance in the Jungles of Paua New Guinea – by Ryan Casseau

At 24, Ryan Casseau set off for the most remote jungle he could find, the farthest corner of Papua New Guinea, alone, and without a single contact in his future home.

It was powered by 10 years of fantasy, but it wasn’t a vacation. He was there to collect plants in an effort to discover medicines from those who rely on the forest.

But while he was worried about getting work done and getting back to civilization, something unexpected got in the way: everything.

In equal parts humorous, unnerving, uplifting, and reflective, “Wild Happy” fiercely captures a bewildered boy and the lost world that took him in, shared its hidden wisdom, and changed his life forever.

BookMelon Staff Rating ✪✪✪✪✪ – “A must read for the intrepid traveler.”

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Building A Coaching Culture: How Managers As Coaches Can Include & Develop New Employees Successfully – by Andreas von der Heydt

The speed and complexity of change in business practice has never been greater than today. Navigating this “new and lasting norm” requires for any organization, besides other factors, two principal elements: Managers and leaders who are capable of coaching their team members as well as a new type of workforce that can quickly adapt to changing environments, can acquire new skills necessary to be successful in the future, and is willing and capable of stepping up to take over responsibility. The book argues that internal coaching is an excellent tool to onboard, integrate, and develop (new) employees. Successful coaching will result in higher job satisfaction (for both coach and coachee), better work and business results, and superior retention levels: A long-term win for both the organization, its employees, and customers.

Based on extensive interviews with both tenured leaders and new employees, focus groups with learning & development experts, and a comprehensive literature research as well as the author ́s own in-depth coaching knowledge and expertise, this book proposes an academically researched, developed, and validated model of eight dimensions of successful coaching as well as a five-step implementation plan which can be used as an impactful framework to embed coaching skills in organizational settings to create a sustainable and growth-generating coaching culture.

BookMelon Staff Rating ✪✪✪✪✪ – “Impressive evidence-based book based on interviews with experts and teams. We highly recommend this for your company!”

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